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Scoring Spreadsheet

All ASCE student conferences are now required to use the scoring spreadsheet provided below by the national rules committee. The completed spreadsheet must be emailed to the Rules Committee at ssbc.results@gmail.com before any teams can be invited to the National competition.

As much as we'd like the spreadsheet to be perfect on first release, that goal is still elusive. This means that you need to contact the above email address ASAP when you discover a problem. During the ASCE student conference competitions, your ASCE National CSA Representative will have a phone number to contact for quick replies.

It is strongly suggested that you run some sample data sets to check the computations and to verify the sorts and printing SEVERAL WEEKS before your ASCE student conference. Don't wait to the last minute to learn how to use this complex spreadsheet.

Also, you should do a last minute check of this website to see that you have the latest version. Hosts can ask to be added to an email distribution list for spreadsheet updates by sending their request to the above email address.

Click on the following link to download the latest version:

Release Date: 9/23/2017

The spreadsheet was developed using MS Excel 2010 and may or may not work on other versions. This year's spreadsheet continues to use VBA macros to lead you through the set up and usage phases. We have gone this route as significant numbers of ASCE student conferences did not appear to understand how the spreadsheet worked and tried to force their way around the controls that were put in place. It is hoped that this new version will help to guide users in the proper usage of the spreadsheet. If you have to force the programming at all, please contact ssbc.results@gmail.com as soon as possible to discuss the problems you are having.


Four videos will help you with the spreadsheet. The first shows how to set up the spreadsheet for the competition. The next illustrates how to print out judging forms. The third is a quick tutorial on entering data and printing a summary page for each team. Finally, the fourth video shows the proper procedure for running the ranking macro and printing the results for dissemination to the participating teams.


Setting Up the Spreadsheet

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Printing & Using the Judging Forms

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Entering Data and Printing Results

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Determining the Final Rankings

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Note: You must enable Macros in Excel to run this spreadsheet. It has been checked out in 2010 MS Excel.

  1. Check the host guide website for any updated versions of the spreadsheet at www.nssbc.info
  2. Enter the competition information listed above in the cyan colored cells. This information will then appear where needed throughout the system.
  4. Indicate that you've read the rules and press the button at the bottom of this page to prepare to enter participant information.
  5. Input the names of the participating ASCE student chapters in the indicated cells on the "Participants" sheet. You can enter the full name of each chapter then a short version for the tabs of each chapter's scoresheet.
  6. Press the 'Generate Chapter Sheets' button to create the score sheet for each student chapter on the list of participants.
  7. Use the drop down boxes to indicate whether or not a chapter actually participates in the competition. They will be listed as not participating until you indicate that they are!
  8. Print out a copy of the judges instructions for each judge. Press <Ctrl><Q> to do this.
  9. Print out a copy of the Display Judging Form for each Display Judge. Press <Ctrl><D>
  10. Print out a copy of the judges scoring forms for each participating ASCE student chapter. Press <Ctrl><P> to do this. This form will be used by the judges during the competition. You have the choice to print forms with the chapter's names preprinted on them or to print a generic form.
  11. Enter the number for 'S1' on the 'Start Here!!!!' page of the spreadsheet, after the dice has been rolled. The location of the grating and the load to be applied at each location is then computed and shown in the light green cells. Give this information to the loading judges.
  12. At the conclusion of Display judging, you can either use the entire display judging sheet OR just input your local judges ranking by each chapter's name in the Judge 1 column. YOU HAVE TO INPUT DATA IN THIS SHEET FOR THE DISPLAY RANKINGS TO BREAK ANY TIES AND TO APPLY ANY DISPLAY PENALTIES!!!!!
  13. As teams complete their part in the competition, the scorer works with the team captain to input the data from scoring forms into the cyan colored cells on the left side of each chapter's sheet.
  14. Immediately after entering the scoring data for one ASCE chapter print out the computation sheet (press <Ctrl><Shift><S>) and let the team captain verify the calculations.
  15. Either print or email the team captain a copy of their scoresheet. There are instructions on the team's score page for doing this.
  16. Save the spreadsheet after each team data entry!!!!
  17. After entering the all the team data (i.e. at the end of the competition), update the team rankings by pressing <Ctrl><Shift><R> or click on the Rankings page.
  18. Print out the final ranking sheets by pressing <Ctrl><F>. When you do this you will be prompted to email the results to the national rules committee. If you are connected to the internet then please do so!
  19. If you did not email the spreadsheet when prompted, then do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ssbc.results@gmail.com after the competition. The rules committee uses this information to resolve appeals and to issue invitations to the national competition! Nobody from your ASCE student conference will go to Nationals if this spreadsheet is not sent!
  20. There is a sheet labeled 'Banquet' which has a summary of the top three finishers in each category. It appears after running the ranking macro <Ctrl><Shift><R>. This is a useful form for the awards ceremony.
  21. The tab labeled 'Stats' contains some statistical information about your competition which you might find useful. The national committee uses this information in analyzing the effectiveness of the rules.