2018 Competition Guide


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Rules & Clarifications

Scoring Spreadsheet

General Competition Information

Design Tips

Eligibility Requirements
Paper Competition
Business Meeting

Judges Training Meeting

Team Captain Meeting

Display Judging

Site Layout



Post Construction

Lateral Load Test

Vertical Load Tests
- Loading Devices
- Deflection Measurement
- Sway Measurement

Bridge Weight

Data Entry

History & Results


Rules & Official Clarifications

The RULES and OFFICIAL CLARIFICATIONS are found on the AISC website at:


The rules are posted on the AISC website around the first of August each year and requests for clarification are received from the time of posting until two weeks before the national competition. Clarifications are posted as the Rules Committee comes to a consensus regarding a response to the requests for clarification.  As this happens at an unpredictable rate, it is highly advised that all competitors, hosts, and judges visit the clarification site often.  The rules committee tries to turn around clarification requests in two weeks or less but occasionally go longer.

While the Rules Committee tries diligently to create a consistent and coherent set of rules the rules are not really tried until they are implemented.  The Rules Committee attempts to be timely in responding to requests for clarifications so that all competitors, hosts, and judges have a clear understanding of the expectations.