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The first steel bridge competition was held in 1987 in Michigan. It was a local affair that eventually spread to other ASCE student conferences.  The first National competition was held in 1992. Within a few years, the event became one of the premier civil engineering student competitions in the United States. Now, ASCE student groups from Canada and Mexico participate regularly as well as other nations who periodically participate.

Professor Frank Hatfield has been involved in the competition from it's inception and presented a six-minute history of the event at the 2006 National competition. It is well worth the read!

History of the SSBC: 1987-2006
by Dr. Frank Hatfield, P.E.

Over the years, record keeping has also improved.  The following table includes the rules and results as available in our archives.

Year Champion Host Rules & Results
1992 Michigan State University Michigan State University ------
1993 University of Alaska Fairbanks Southern Polytech ------
1994 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute San Diego State University ------
1995 North Dakota State University University of Florida ------
1996 University of Alaska Anchorage SUNY Buffalo ------
1997 University of Florida Cal Poly Pomona ------
1998 University of Southwestern Louisiana Colorado State University ------
1999 University of Nevada - Reno University of Alaska Anchorage ------
2000 California State University - Chico Texas A&M University, College Station ------
2001 Clemson University Clemson University Rules
2002 North Dakota State University University of Wisconsin, Madison Rules
2003 University of Michigan San Diego State University Rules, Nat'l
2004 North Dakota State University Colorado School of Mines Rules, Nat'l
2005 University of California, Davis University of Central Florida Rules, Nat'l
2006 North Dakota State University University of Utah Rules, Nat'l
2007 North Dakota State University California State University - Northridge Rules, Nat'l
2008 University of California, Berkeley University of Florida Rules, Nat'l
2009 SUNY Canton University of Nevada Las Vegas Rules, Nat'l, Regional
2010 North Dakota State University Purdue University Rules, Nat'l, Regional
2011 Lakehead University Texas A&M University, College Station Rules, Nat'l Results, Nat'l Data, Conf. Results
2012 University of California, Berkeley Clemson University Rules, Nat'l, Conf. Results
2013 University of California, Berkeley University of Washington Rules, Nat'l Results, Conf. Results
2014 University of California, Davis University of Akron Rules, Nat'l Results, Conf. Results
Maybe You??? University of Missouri Kansas City Rules, Nat'l Results, Conf. Results