2018 Competition Guide


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Lateral Load Test

Vertical Load Tests
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Data Entry

Competitor Preparation:

  • Bring a calculator to check the spreadsheet computations.
  • Only the team captain goes to the data station.
  • Hang on... this is the end!


Host Equipment/Preparation:

  • Have a data entry station located away from prying eyes.
  • Assign a Marshal to the bridge. The Marshal should have the judging forms for the bridge.
  • A set of the rules and current clarifications.
  • Table, chairs, power source, extension chords, power strip, etc.
  • Computer with scoring spreadsheet.
  • Printer with lots of paper and ink/toner.
  • Ink Pen.
  • Stapler with plenty of staples.


Only the Marshal and the Team Captain should go to this station. The Marshal hangs around to help resolve any issues that the data entry person has with interpreting the hieroglyphics from the judges. A judge should also be assigned to either oversee or actually do the data entry.

It is best if the Team Captain reads off the data as the computer operator inputs the values. The two of them should verify that all data is entered correctly.

Once the data is input, the data entry person prints out a copy of the results for the Team Captain to review.  The Team Captain is responsible for verifying that the scoring computations are correct. If there is a problem with the spreadsheet, call the national scorekeeper (your conference's ASCE National Rep to get the number) immediately for assistance in fixing the problem.  You can also shoot off a quick email to ssbc.results@gmail.com with a contact phone number and a description of the problem. 

Once all concerns are resolved, then the Team Captain signs the printout and returns it to the data entry person who staples the print out to the judging forms. The Marshal is free to go at this point.

An additional copy of the results are printed so that the Team Captain has something to take to show the team. A PDF version of the team results can also be emailed to the faculty advisor and local contact whose email addresses are entered into the spreadsheet. The Team Captain is informed that the results are not final until after a second check on data entry is made after the competition.

At the end of the competition, the head judge or someone designated by the head judge should go back through the judging forms and spreadsheet to double check that all data was properly input. There has ALWAYS been data entry errors found in this check at Nationals.  An effort should be made to contact the affected Team Captain before the awards ceremony if a discrepancy is found during this later check.

At the end of the data entry, run the ranking macro in the spreadsheet to determine the final results.

DO NOT TRY TO DO YOUR OWN SORTING AND RANKING... LET THE MACRO DO IT.  The button for the macro can be found on the results sheet.

Then run the printing macro to get a properly formatted copy of the results.  Sufficient copies of the final result page should be printed/copied for distribution to the teams at the awards ceremony.  You can also automatically send the ranking sheet to all faculty advisors and local contacts listed in the spreadsheet. It is strongly recommended that you print a copy to PDF format and post it on the conference website for the teams to have easy access to the results.

There is also a tab in the spreadsheet labeled 'Banquet'.  This sheet can be printed for use during the awards ceremony.

The last step:


 ssbc.results@gmail.com !!!

Instructions on how to email the results are in the spreadsheet. The Rules Committee must have this spreadsheet as soon as possible after the competition so that they have a basis for evaluating appeals.  Also, they cannot send invitations to Nationals until this spreadsheet is received.  If you are a competitor that expects to go to Nationals, you might want to remind the host about this requirement.

The physical judging data forms should be kept for several weeks in case there are appeals that must be resolved by the National Rules Committee.